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Whorlhill Poultry

We offer several different breeds of Hen.

A Point Of Lay pullet (P.O.L.) is a bird aged between 16 and 18 weeks which is just prior to the onset of laying eggs. This means that within a few weeks the Pullet will start laying and become a "Laying Hen". The hen will then lay around 5 to 6 eggs a week consistently, for one to two years.

We are more than happy to provide advice to customers.

Price Guide:
Hybrid birds small quantities 1 to 6 birds 7.50 each
Coloured Hybrid birds small quantities 1 to 6 birds 14.00 each

For larger orders please ring for a quote.
Please click on an image to view a full size picture.

Hybrid Hen (Brown egg)

This is the typical brown and white hen that is commonly used as a laying hen. They are a hybrid bird that is very good for laying eggs and developed from traditional breeds. Bovans, Lohmman, Hyline, Isa Warrens, and Shaver are some of the popular hybrids available.

Colour-Hybrid Hens
There are several distinct breeds of the Coloured Hybrids, we list them individually below.

Nero (Brown egg)

The Nero is a medium size. Distinguishing features are the black plumage with flecks of green and purple, with ginger/ brown breast feathers. They range in overall colour from dark black to more ginger/ brown. An attractive hen, capable layer.

Blue Star (Light brown egg)

Larger bird, with a placid nature. Overall grey in appearance, varying from dark grey to fairly light, and some have a hint of brown. Lineage from Maran and Rhode Island Red birds.

Speckled Rock (Speckled Brown egg)

The Maran cross Barred Plymouth Rock has a docile nature, lovely speckled plumage with shades of light and dark grey.

Old Sussex Star (Brown egg)

This is a chunkier bird, calm in nature. Almost always white with black tips to wings, tail feathers, and collar.

White Leg Horn A.K.A White star (White egg)

Slim and petit bird, not as docile as the other breeds, but the only white egg layer.

Magpie (Brown egg)

Medium sized bird with a white flecked collar, attractive bird with dark plumage.

N.B. Birds are not always immediately available due to batch rearing, so please contact us for availability.

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