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Whorlhill, Faceby, North Yorkshire


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All logs are all sourced from our own woodland, which we manage in a sustainable manner under a forestry commission scheme.

We have both hardwood and softwood logs for sale We can supply in bags / nets, bulk sack or trailer loads.

All our logs are split to an even size. Green logs would be available if you intend to season yourself.

Guide prices

Small net bag £4.00 collected
Bulk sack Softwood £60.00 (local delivery)
Bulk sack Hardwood £70.00 (local delivery)

A Pickup truck load of approx 1.5 bulk sacks delivered loose (not bagged):
£80.00 for softwood and £90 for hardwood.

A 10 foot Trailer load of mixed £155.00

Delivery is available on orders over £50.00, free for local customers or locations we pass on a regular basis. We can deliver further afield for a small fee.

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